RX Type, with controllable discharge volume through the grouting injection pump

The operator may turn on or off the pump using a single control switch mounted on the inlet side to control the discharge volume. Even and stable pumping for mortar, milk, plaster, or even mud can be done using with one machine.

Mortar spraying, self-leveling, horizontal mortar jobs, masonry mortar pumping, magic insertion, wall spraying, milk grouting, continuous mortar works on the ground foundation, lime plaster, plaster mix, plaster heat insulation products, epoxy pumps, etc.

Incheon Bridge Master Deck Finisher 32m




Master Deck Finisher

Clock on the photos to find out more amount the mounting and dismounting the master deck finisher, mounting on a bridge, and installation of the rail supports

Youngdong Highway Sight

Ensured flatness and clean surface. Master deck finisher MDF-2400EDR. Minimum workable width 5M, up to 32m in max in a single sweep.

Bridge Platform Unit

Self-propelled, bridge crossing. Dismounting of the molds on the bottom of the bridge on the second and the fourth lane. Safety check in progress for Daejeon-Jinju Highway (photo).


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